Get Involved

Whether you are new or you’ve been meeting with us for a while, we want to encourage you to get involved at Lighthouse!  The primary way to get involved at LCF is to join a life group.  While our Sunday morning gatherings are very valuable, people can still remain isolated or anonymous in such a large group, and thus miss out on the full Christian life as God designed it.  This is why we have our life group ministry, which is made up of smaller, more intimate groups for growing in Christ.


If you are new to Lighthouse, the best way to get involved is to attend one of our quarterly Discovery Classes! During the class, we will give you the opportunity to learn more about church life at LCF, including life groups and other various ministries, and to become a covenant member.


Ways to Get Involved:

Below is a list of many ways to get involved.  For each ministry, there are opportunities to get involved in the ministry’s events and/or help lead the ministry.

  • Life groups – Join one and start growing today!  Life groups are for adults of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity.  There are many opportunities to get involved in leading life groups, as well.
  • Sunday 9:00am classes – Small classes, based on various topics or books of the Bible, are offered every Sunday morning!
  • Men’s ministry –  Get to know other men at Lighthouse, grow in biblical manhood, and join us for men’s ministry events.  Also, you could join the men’s ministry team to help lead this wonderful ministry!
  • Women’s ministry – Get to know other women at Lighthouse, grow in biblical womanhood, and join us for women’s ministry events.  Also, you could join the women’s ministry team to help lead this wonderful ministry!
  • Marriage ministry – Attend our marriage ministry events, to grow in your relationship with each other and with God, and get to know other couples at LCF!
  • Youth group – Young adults from 6th to 12th grade can join the youth group for weekly meetings and other events, where they can experience fun and biblical teaching!  If you are an adult and interested in helping lead youth, please contact us.
  • Children’s ministry – We provide Sunday morning classes, Awana, and family events to keep our children, aged 6 weeks to 5th grade, involved and also growing at LCF.  There are lots of opportunities for adults to help care for and teach our children.  We strongly encourage all parents who use this ministry to volunteer in this ministry.
  • Flood relief – All different types of volunteer opportunities exist every day to assist families with flood relief!
  • Local missions – There are regular volunteer opportunities in the community, including our monthly kindness outreach projects.  We have partnered with a few different organizations at work in the Antioch community, and there are many opportunities to work with refugees in the area.  Also, join us for our yearly local missions conference!
  • World missions –  Contact and care for a missionary, go on a short-term mission trip, and join us for our yearly world missions conference!
  • Other events – View our calendar for other events we have planned, which may include family fun nights, holiday events, conferences, special services, and more!